About Us

Find what you need. When you need it.

Strap your boots on and checkout what makes us the best equipment rental platform in the world.

We believe in connecting people

Our goal is to connect individuals or businesses who have equipment laying around, to individuals or businesses who are need of those equipment.

Find the right tool for the job

The right tool can make or break a project. Time is money. Find the right piece of equipment to get your job done the right way, all the time, anytime.

Don't let it just sit there

We know equipment is expensive. Instead of letting your investments just sit, when you're not using, put it to work and make money. Become a Supplier.

OUR MISSION: to create the best equipment sharing community

We provide a platform that links equipment owners to renters. Equipmentrentalz.com allows equipment owners to post and advertise any equipment they own that is available to rent.

How it works

  1. 1The equipment owner is 100% in charge of all details related to their equipment. You set the rental price, the length of time you are willing to rent for and other required details. Once item is listed, equipment owners can speak with interested renters directly through our platform chat and rent out their equipment.
  2. 2The ERZ platform provides a secure exchange to turn your equipment into revenue. Like Hotels.com and Airbnb, we consolidate rental listings to one website. This makes it easy to shop with all your favorite equipment companies and private equipment owners - all in one place.

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